Missionarc is a network of community conscience businesses and organizations. It's purpose is to grow social awareness and positive social change within local urban communities.

Currently, two small businesses operate under the legal structure of Missionarc;

  • Sitetility Internet, and
  • Neema Consulting


Sitetility Internet is a full-service website design and hosting service. They specialize in helping small business navigate their web presence by identifying their goals in design, structure, content, and marketing.


Sitetility's Design + Leadership Internship is working with local underprivileged high school and college students helping to build leadership and business skills so they in turn can also reinvest back into the community.


Neema Consulting assists businesses in the development and implementation of their strategic charitable giving. We have a simple process to ensure your plan is exactly what you want and fits with your organizational culture.


On a larger scale, Missionarc strives to connect like-minded businesses and organizations in both formal and informal ways. The network includes shared internships, leadership development, community networking and strategic planning.

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